Umalis Group - The advantages of wage portage

Safety and comfort
wage earners

Any independent professional who has opted for wage portage is considered an employee of the portage company. As such, he benefits from the social cover attached to this status, in particular social security, retirement contributions, unemployment benefits, mutual insurance, sickness benefits and employment center benefits.

Freedom and administrative simplicity

The supported employee manages his activity without any paperwork. He has no books to keep, no invoices to be issued or service contracts to be delivered to his client. It is the umbrella company that will ensure all administrative, legal and financial aspects related to its service contracts.

Adapted employment contract
to wage portage

Thanks to the wage portage, the supported consultant benefits from a fixed-term or permanent employment contract, full or part-time. Governed by the labor code, this contract allows him to claim all his rights as an employee of the umbrella company.

Autonomy and independence

The consultant can prospect, negotiate and intervene freely with his own clients. Wage portage gives him the right to work with the clients he wishes and to focus on assignments in the areas he likes. He is 100% independent but supported by the umbrella company in the development of his activity.

Time management a lot
more flexible

Relieved of most of his administrative obligations, the supported employee is free to carry out more assignments to increase his turnover or, on the contrary, to share his free time with his relatives.

Test an activity
without risk

Wage portage is an efficient and secure alternative allowing independent professionals to develop their project without having to create a legal structure. Thanks to the wage portage, he can test his activity and assess its profitability before embarking on the creation of his own business.

Wage portage with company car.UMALIS allows you to have a company vehicle that you can use both professionally and privately.

Who are we ?

A specialist in wage portage for several years, Umalis Group is an SA with capital of € 240,000.00 headquartered in Caudry.

The company was founded in 2008 by Christian Person, a 45-year-old CEO who has been supporting managers in professional retraining for more than 20 years.

On its advent, the Umalis group’s exclusive mission is to provide salary support for independent consultants who wish to carry out their activities in complete independence and to promote their expertise to one or more clients.

Whether in France or internationally, Umalis successfully provides salary portage for consultants working in various areas of professional activity, particularly in the IT sector and new technologies.

Why choose Umalis?

Umalis gives you the benefit of a personal online consultant area, protected by your username and password so that you can manage your activity in complete independence. The account is updated in real time and can be consulted at any time.

Umalis provides you with a Corporate card so that you are able to pay, in complete security, all transactions associated with your professional expenses.

Thanks to our partnership with BNB Lord, Umalis gives you a 5% discount on the seasonal rental of apartments or during your missions.

With Umalis, you benefit from a relevant job search service, thanks to which you will easily find job offers imported from different job sites. The missions are geolocated using a tool designed and developed by Umalis.

to support you in your missions Umalis puts at your service the skills of a team of expert and highly qualified sales advisers. They provide advice and assistance from the negotiation of your contracts to the collection of your fees.

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