Wage Portage with a company car

Wage Portage with a company caris possible !

You are an engineer, a project manager or an autonomous expert in the IT sector. In order to be able to do missions far from your home and to make good impression on your customers, Umalis allows you to have a company car which you can keep the ownership once it is amortised in the accounts at the end of your mission.

In its endless quest for excellence, Umalis has largely differentiated itself from its competitors and this time it presents itself as the first umbrella company that provides its consultants with the option of getting a company car.

Our offer allows you to choose the ideal car among millions of new or second-hand models.

We set up for you the maintenance and insurance contract during your mission at Umalis.
With this new offer, you rent your vehicle during the term of the financing. At the end of the rental, or if you leave Umalis, you can become the owner and recover the residual value or simply renew your contract to change the model.

Examples of official vehicle models according to the chosen PACK:
Non-contractual photo