Initial public offering of umalis group


The stock market presents an incredible opportunity for investors wishing to enter the French market. Indeed, the stock market is an exceptional place of investment, opportune for investors to find part of the capital necessary for their expansion. However, the latter are sometimes forced to follow complex procedures to understand the stock market safely.

Such procedures are simplified and reduced thanks to the concept of wage portage. Carrying companies provide professionals and experts with expertise in finance and the stock market and who are perfectly familiar with the market, its circuits and its networks.

If you wish to have your entry ticket to any market in France or abroad, but you do not have a representative or a subsidiary, our wage portage company supports you during your investment process and offers you a fast and complete solution for your administrative procedures.

Indeed, Umalis takes care of the social and fiscal management of its staff in accordance with local legislation. It takes care of all the financial and accounting operations in a simple and fast way and prepares you a healthy environment so that you can concentrate only on your activity.

Umalis is the first umbrella company to go public on the NYSE Euronext market, Paris, on April 15, 2014 before entering the Alternext market.

Mr. Christian Person, CEO, underlines that  “the wage portage market has grown by 25% per year over the last 10 years, and that Umalis has doubled its turnover every year and has set itself the goal of doubling each year for the next 5 years. ”  The strong growth of Umalis illustrates the future of the business. An adapted working relationship that combines flexibility and security.

It must be said that Umalis differentiates itself from its competitors by offering offers tailored to their needs. It also offers an expatriation offer.

Everything is designed to make their life easier and provide them with support tailored to their needs and ambitions. By creating an R&D center, Umalis sets itself apart from its competitors by developing an innovative IT platform, a real ecosystem which today gives rise to the provision of all these services in the form of an application.

In addition to be aware of the paradigm shifts affecting the labor market, the research and development center of Umalis Group has created  Umalis lab,  a private international multidisciplinary research laboratory. Its members are experts, recognized professionals and doctors or doctoral students, from various cultures and academic backgrounds. Umalis lab aims to study and promote new forms of employment and their economic and social challenges.

Umalis Group, whose securities are listed on NYSE Euronext Paris (ISIN code: FR0011776889), confirms that it meets all the eligibility criteria for PEA-PME in accordance with Decree No. 2014-283 of March 4, 2014 (less than 5,000 employees on the one hand, and annual turnover less than 1,500 million euros or total balance sheet less than 2,000 million euros on the other hand).

Consequently, Umalis Group shares can be integrated into PEA-PME accounts which, as a reminder, benefit from the same tax advantages as the traditional share savings plan (PEA).

Project to create a Crowdfunding platform

In our project to support consultants with projects, the creation of a crowdfunding platform is necessary in its journey towards autonomy and towards the creation of a business.

The establishment of a crowdfunding place will allow Umalis consultants to present their project to be financed, to list the needs in terms of financial and human resources, to allow Internet users to contribute to the project (financial contribution, demonstration of interest…) to finance the project. The platform will strongly contribute to the dissemination of the project and the call for donations via digital social networks (FB, Twitter, Google+, video, LinkedIn, mailing, etc.).


Mr. Christian Person defines the stakes:  “Our IPO pursues the same objective, that of associating“ focused ”employees in the creation of value to which they contribute, with the ambition of being able to erase the management costs of these self-employed workers. by including them in the shareholding in proportion to their turnover ”

The stock market is fascinating, it sometimes even becomes addictive!
Invest in Umalis Group and optimize your earnings!

Umalis Group : FR0011776889 MLUMG

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