Everything becomes much simpler with wage portage

The  portage  is based on a mode innovative and flexible operation that involves the intervention of three players whose relationships are established through regulatory labor contracts.

It is, in fact, a simple device where the  independent consultant , considered as an employee of the umbrella company, is responsible himself for prospecting his missions and negotiating with the  client  the various elements relating to the intervention (fees , objective, duration, conditions …). The consultant retains full control of his work.

As soon as a verbal agreement is concluded with the client, the consultant contacts the  portage company  which is responsible for putting in place all the organizational elements necessary for the conduct of the mission. The consultant will ensure its execution and will be remunerated in salaries.

For its part, the portage company will take care of the management of administrative, legal and fiscal formalities related to the service provided by the consultant, in particular:

  • – establishment and follow-up of invoices,
  • – social and tax declarations,
  • – payment of fees,
  • – debt collection.

The wage portage company  will allow the consultant to receive not these fees, but a remuneration in the form of salary established according to his net turnover, after deduction of charges and a commission corresponding to the management fees. .

To formalize this tripartite contractual relationship, the wage portage company establishes:

  • –  A service contract  also referred to as an assignment contract with the client. This contract includes all the terms of the negotiation between the consultant and his client.
  • – An employment contract  with the consultant, who thereby becomes an employee of the umbrella company and benefits, thanks to this contract, from all the advantages granted to the employee under the traditional scheme.

In return, the consultant, within the framework of the relationship of subordination instituted by this employment contract, must deliver to the umbrella company a report on the smooth running of the mission he is carrying out for his client.