The law of June 25, 2008, which organizes the wage portage regime  , was not transposed by ordinance until April 2015, leaving, despite its success with professionals of all kinds, this work regime in a certain legal vagueness.

Since 2015, wage portage has therefore benefited from a complete, robust and detailed legal framework.

A new milestone has also recently been taken with the establishment of a  collective agreement  specific to wage portage which validates its relevance as a new form of employment combining flexibility and security. Signed in March 2017, it has been applicable since July of the same year.

The main reference texts that frame the wage portage regime:

–  Collective agreement for wage portage:  March 2017
Collective branch agreement for employees in wage portage

–  Decree N ° 2015-1886 of December 30, 2015 relating to wage portage  this decree supplements the ordinance of April 04 on the subject of financial guarantees and the prior declaration of wage portage companies
Decree n ° 2015-1886 of 30 December 2015 relating to wage portage

–  Bill ratifying ordinance n ° 2015-10 of June 11, 2015 relating to wage portage
Bill ratifying ordinance n ° 2015-380 of April 2, 2015

–  UNÉDIC circular n ° 2015-10 of June 11, 2015:  relating to the effects of ordinance n ° 2015-380 of April 2, 2015.
UNÉDIC circular n ° 2015-10

–  Ordinance n ° 2015-380 of April 2, 2015 relating to wage portage: Publication of the ordinance aimed at  securing the system of wage portage desired by the social partners in the national inter-professional agreement of January 11, 2008.
Ordinance n ° 2015-380 of April 2, 2015

–  UNÉDIC Circular n ° 2014-31 of December 22, 2014:  Decision of the Unédic Office of December 16, 2014 relating to the conditions of coverage by the unemployment insurance scheme for former holders of a wage portage contract, from January 1, 2015.
Circular N ° 2014-31 of December 22, 2014

–  Extension decree of May 24, 2013:  Publication of the extension decree of the 2010 national professional branch agreement. This decree completes the branch agreement and delimits the fields of application of wage portage.
Order of 24 May 2013 on the extension of the national professional agreement of 24 June 2010 relating to the activity of wage portage

–  Agreement on wage portage of June 24, 2010:  Signature of a branch professional agreement between the wage portage unions to improve the supervision of the profession.
Agreement relating to the activity of wage portage

–  Article L. 1251-64 of the Labor Code  “Wage portage is a set of contractual relations organized between a portage company, a lodged person and client companies comprising for the lodged person the wage system and the remuneration of its service to the client by the portage company. It guarantees the rights of the person relating to its customer contribution. ”

–  Law N ° 2008-596 of June 25, 2008 , Announcement of a first legal framework for wage portage