An exceptional sponsorship offer, worthy of your loyalty!

Are you a consultant at Umalis? Are you satisfied with your status and the advantages that this way of working gives you? Make it known around you ! Do not hesitate to advise anyone looking for a new professional orientation to move towards wage portage.

Talk to those around you and to the professionals you know about wage portage and your collaboration with Umalis, the company that welcomes your professional success and rewards your loyalty.

For any new consultant coming from you, Umalis provides you with a comfortable additional income for 12 whole months. This income is estimated at 20% of the management fees collected by Umalis on each invoice paid by the sponsored godson.

An exceptional and encouraging sponsorship bonus that only a renowned company such as Umalis will be able to offer to these litters.

So what if you know someone who is considering starting their own business but who fears the drawbacks of this status? Do not hesitate to direct him towards wage portage with Umalis, the company which will give new impetus to his professional future!