virtual business creation incubator


The R&D work carried out during 2012 was mainly in the order of applied research but also experimental development with the creation of tailor-made solutions, intended for the use of consultants in wage portage.

This project, entitled: Virtual business creation incubator, aims to develop new relational economic models allowing the inclusion of populations today excluded from the labor market.

The management of the technological watch and R&D of this project is ensured by

  • Mr. Christian PERSON, CEO of Portage SI (currently UMALIS GROUP)
  • All of Umalis’ consultants, mostly IT and telecommunications engineers, with several years of experience

1- Project objectives:

This project mainly aims to:

  • A permanent development of new tools and a continuous improvement of the quality of the support of the consultant entrepreneurs
  • Open this support to any project leader, thanks to  the IT platform accessible on the Internet ,
  • Find new theorems and fundamental models of societal organization, particularly in the field of human and social sciences;
  • Create IT tools capable of supporting consultants in their acquisition of professional independence  ;
  • Create a technological bridge making it possible to apply the fundamental principles of societal innovation to the issues of professional independence;
  • Guarantee better employability of portage consultants .

2- Project phases:

This project took place in three main phases:

  • The first phase  consisted in collecting scientific work, in order to establish the state of the art in the field of societal innovation;
  • The second phase  made it possible to subtract from this state of the art a set of innovative strategies, and to build detailed specifications for the application development of our approach;
  • The third phase  took up the specifications to transform them into specific IT tools to support consultants in wage portage.

3- Results

This project was designed and developed as a  virtual incubator  for independent consultants in wage portage

This platform has made it possible to  manage several hundred consultants , without noticeable infrastructure changes, which has enabled each consultant to have an  online virtual office  from where he can  manage and administer his mission offers and pilot a project with other consultants themselves in wage portage .

Beyond aspects of simple management and internal accounting, this platform has also enabled consultants to  create the embryo of a future IT consulting company . This is the case with Big Data Consulting.