with umalis, become VIP !VERY IMPORTANT PERSON

At Umalis Group, we never stop improving, we never stop looking for what is best for our consultants.

At Umalis Group, our ultimate goal is to be able to guarantee to all the professionals who have placed their trust in us, a high quality, personalized and always innovative service.

For this new year 2018, Umalis Group is offering you a new, very privileged status, a status that will give you exceptional advantages!

a very special status which has concentrated all of UMALIS ‘know-how for 9 years!

For all those who have opted for wage portage with UMALIS Group and who will have the privilege of being U VIP consultants, here is what you benefit from your new status:

As a U VIP consultant  , you will have the right to acquire a CIC Mastercard from  Umalis VIP.

The GOLD card allows you to benefit from:

  • repatriation health insurance
  • Legal insurance abroad
  • a deferred debit of your expenses 60 days after the end of the month

To simplify your business trips, your consultant status entitles you to the  Uber For Business service , a simple and efficient professional payment method.

Each trip made as part of your mission will be billed directly to your U VIP account  . This eliminates the need to send invoices or keep receipts.

By opting for U VIP status  , you will be able to charge your fees in Bitcoins.

A considerable advantage, secure and which, in addition, allows to achieve a significant added value, sometimes more than 30% on the invoicing of a month.

UMALIS VIP will include in its service contracts a security clause: if the amount of the Bitcoin invoice for the service provided by the U VIP consultant   falls below the price initially agreed in euros, the invoice must be paid in Euros.

With  U VIP , your first payment is made upon receipt of your CRA (Activity Report signed by the client). From the end of the first month of activity at  U VIP,  you receive an  Advance of 100%  of the anticipated net.

Your U VIP consultant status   allows you to benefit from personalized support and high-quality commercial assistance.

One of the main advantages of this assistance is assistance in finding assignments. This targeted assistance is provided by an assistant from a partner company specializing in finding offers for geolocated and value-added missions.

U VIP is also the status which offers you the advantage of being introduced to a network of more than 10,000 decision-makers, business leaders, business unit directors, purchasing directors, etc.

Christian PERSON, CEO of Umalis, opens his address book of more than 10,000 managers.

As a U VIP consultant, you benefit from exceptional discounts on any online purchase of products ordered from our partner sites.

The discount is 15% and covers more than 50,000 high quality product references.

A varied choice of something to delight all tastes and meet all needs.