Wage portage and interim

Unlike the interim, wage portage offers full autonomy to the consultant

Wage portage  is not the only way for a company to use the mechanisms of temporary work, other alternatives exist, namely temporary work.

Wage portage  and temporary work are two very distinct concepts in the world of work that can sometimes be confused.

Temporary agency work was designed for the benefit of employers looking for advanced skills to carry out time-limited activities. While  wage portage  was born from the need for unemployed executives   to  find assignments .

These two forms of employment are based on a common legal aspect ”  the employee status  ” and yet differ in substance.

“A comparison between porterage and interim is necessary.”

Here are the main differences between wage portage and interim status in the table below

Wage portageInterim
EmployerWage portage companyInterim company
Subordination linkThe supported employee is autonomous with the possibility of working jointly for several clients at the same time.The employee is subordinate to the hierarchical superior of the position he occupies in the client company.
Type of ContractWage portage contractInterim contract
Employee profileAnyone with the right to workAccording to the needs of the company
Compensation basisDepending on the negotiation of the scopeAccording to the company’s salary scale

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