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Autonomously develop your portage consultant activity in Lyon!

Umalis comes to settle in Lyon, because the Rhône Alpes region is well recognized today as having a dynamic economic fabric. Thus, convinced that wage portage can participate in this boom, Umalis thinks that it is good for everyone to set up in Lyon so that the group can be present in this magnificent Rhône Alpes region.

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Work as a wage portage in Lyon!

As a  porting company , UMALIS offers personalized support and support for all  your freelance missions  in the Rhone-d’Alpes region.

We are informing you about this new form of employment to guide you in developing your professional career. We want to put all the means on your side to succeed in  your business projects , your consulting, training or expertise missions with tailor-made support.

Find out about portage on Rhône-d’Alpes!

Interested in  wage portage , a new form of employability, come and meet us or contact us. We will tell you about  our attractive offers  tailored to your needs.

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