wage portage offer

With Umalis, realize your desire for autonomy and professional security

Since its creation in 2008, Umalis has been able to impose its presence on the wage portage market in France and stand out from its competitors.

The peculiarity of this distinguished company lies in its credibility, its seriousness and the offers it offers to its reach.

Adapted and flexible offers allowing any independent professional to freely exercise his activity in a serene and secure professional environment.

Competitive and well studied, these offers include a set of considerable advantages ranging from the administrative management of your assignment contracts to personalized support and support during the performance of your service.

Umalis offers you below a list of offers based on your turnover:

Monthly turnoverManagement fees
from 0 to 5,000 €  HT9% of turnover
from € 5,001 to € 10,000 € HT7% of turnover
from € 10,001 to € 15,000 € HT5% of turnover
over 15 001 € HT3% of turnover

Any chosen offer covers all the advantages mentioned below

*  Financial guarantee of your salaries

*  Management of unpaid bills

*  Professional liability insurance (RC Pro)

*  Payment of 100% of your salary at the end of the month  (under conditions)

*  Payslip at the end of the month

*  Management of your professional expenses

*  Advantageous complementary health

*  Employee status (social security, retirement, etc.)

*  Company savings plan (PEE)

*  Collective retirement savings plan (PERCO)

*  Gift vouchers, holiday vouchers, CESU vouchers

*  Works council

*  Personalized training offer

*  Secure online office also available on your Smartphone

*  Individualized support throughout your missions

*  Membership of a professional network

*  Distribution of your CV to our partner sites

*  Preferential rates with privileged partners

*  Purchase of NTIC (Exemption from charges and taxes)

*  Corporate bank card (under conditions)

*  web kit  (under conditions)  :

  • A blog
  • Promotion of the BLOG in social networks
  • SEO assistance
  • Creation of a logo and business card

Umalis is at your side and is committed to supporting you successfully to enhance your expertise and make the best possible success in your professional career.