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Wage portage, a system adapted to different professional profiles

Wage portage, this atypical and innovative way of working, is increasingly appreciated and adopted by independent professionals. It is accessible to many profiles and concerns anyone with a sufficient level of expertise, qualification and autonomy to seek out their clients.

Who are these professionals who can claim the status of paid employee?

– Freelance or self-employed:  wage portage is particularly suitable for professionals who exercise their activity under the freelance / self-employed status. This method of work provides them with the social advantages of employee status, protects their assets without limitation of turnover. all the more so as it frees them from administrative constraints.

– Project leader:  You are the project leader and you want to test your market without creating a business structure? Get started in wage portage and develop your business safely, far from overwhelming administrative constraints and heavy personal expenses.

– Active executive:  you are employed in a company and you plan to set up on your own account or to benefit from additional remuneration through a one-off freelance activity? Wage portage secures your activity and gives you all the independence and flexibility required for the performance of your services.

– Retired senior executive:  are you retired and you plan to continue your part-time activity while benefiting from social security and pension contributions? Wage portage is the most suitable alternative to your profile, it is the most secure way to exercise a self-employed activity without the slightest constraints or risks.

– International consultant:  expatriate with the advantages of French social security: this is the major advantage that wage portage provides to any consultant on assignment abroad. Thanks to this alternative, you can get international assignments while benefiting from the status of employee posted abroad or expatriate.

– Young graduate:  Have you acquired solid knowledge in your course and wish to gain professional experience before becoming an employee? Prove yourself and compare theory to practice with wage portage.

– Interim manager: do  you have the prerequisites of the interim manager? Do not hesitate to share your expertise with companies seeking expert profiles such as you. Opt for wage portage to freely exercise your activity and promote your skills.