international wage portage

Umalis internationally, tailor-made professional support

Wage portage abroad is a flexible and advantageous solution for any independent consultant considering expatriation.

Thanks to this recognized and secure status, the expert has the possibility of carrying out the missions he has obtained abroad without losing the benefit of French social protection.

Umalis Group, a specialist in wage portage for many years, supports your activity as a consultant for missions throughout France and abroad. As an expert and recognized company, Umalis gives you the opportunity to intervene, in complete safety, with your international clients, to export your know-how and to enhance your professional experience without worrying about the administrative constraints linked to the status of independent.

Partez en mission à l'étranger et restez salarié français grâce au portage salarial

In order to secure your mission abroad and ensure you the best income, Umalis provides you with the skills of its team of highly qualified advisers who:

  • Successfully intervene to help you negotiate the terms of your contract, guarantee your rights and social benefits just like an employee working in France.
  • Take charge with professionalism of all the legal, administrative and fiscal procedures of your assignment contracts.

Umalis is the trusted company that will be able to support you in complete safety and transparency in carrying out your missions abroad.