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 Since its integration into the Labor Code in 2008, wage portage has adopted specific regulations which clearly organize all the contractual relations between the employee, his client company, and the portage company.

A simple and advantageous system, governed by two types of contracts:

  • : Service provision  contract : it is a contract of a commercial nature, concluded and signed between the  carrier company and the client company
    This contract determines:
    • – the nature of the service to be performed
    • – remuneration and terms of payment
    • – the foreseeable duration of the serviceThe various conditions mentioned in this contract have been negotiated beforehand between the client company and the employee.
  • Employment contract:  Concluded between the porting company and the supported employee, it can take the form of a full or part-time CDI or CDD. This contract will allow the consultant to benefit from all the advantages of wage portage.
    This contract determines:
    • – the expiry date for a fixed-term contract,
    • – Calculation and payment of remuneration, business contribution allowance, social and fiscal charges and management fees
    • – the skills and qualifications required
    • – the terms of paid leave, length of the trial period, etc.This contract does not induce a relationship of subordination with the umbrella company. The principal remains your customer.