young innovative company


Umalis, an efficient contribution, in the development of new forms of self-employment:

In 2008, Christian Person, founded Umalis Group (formerly Portage SI), an  innovative and ambitious employee portage company . Listed on the stock exchange  since 2014, Umalis has been able, at the end of these few years, to forge a good reputation and to place itself among the best recommended employee portage companies.

Having as its main mission the support of experts in search of autonomy and professional independence , Umalis is also dedicated to carrying  out research and development work  on new forms of employment.

With a division exclusively dedicated to research, the Group carries out multidisciplinary work in sociology, management and management sciences and IT.

An investment of considerable importance with expenses often exceeding  15% of the overall expenses of the company.

Umalis Group is distinguished by the JEI label (Young Innovative Company)!

Having answered eligible for the  Young Innovative Company (JEI) criteria, Umalis Group has obtained by rescript an official agreement for the recognition of this status since 2008.

For 8 years, Umalis was considered by the Tax Administration as a JEI. An advantageous and recognized status, which the company has succeeded in obtaining thanks to the efforts made in carrying out and promoting its R&D projects.

Umalis had associated a large number of its litters with its  research and innovation work.

JEI exemption: A benefit graciously shared with our consultants!

The  JEI label  has enabled Umalis Group to benefit from several tax advantages and an exemption from employer social security contributions for people participating in research.

The JEI exemption was more than 1.2 Million Euros over 8 years, and hundreds of paid employees have benefited from it.

Thanks to these JEI exemptions, Umalis has limited the management fees paid by its  consultants  at very low rates, varying between 3 and 6%. At a cost that is always less expensive than with its competitors, Umalis offers its consultants  porting offers  adapted to their needs with quality services, in complete transparency and security.

The Fiscal status of the JEI was valid for 8 years following the creation of Umalis. During these years, the company has been able to calmly develop its research work and considerably improve the services and the wage portage offers   offered to its consultants.

Christian Person finds that  “the JEI label was for Umalis Group a great opportunity which allowed us to promote our involvement and the efforts made in the development of new forms of self-employment known as“ Hybrid forms of employment ”. The world of work is constantly changing and it is now reserved for innovative and atypical forms of work, characterized by more flexibility and flexibility. ”