wage portage company software package

software of a employee holding company

The project presented is in the field of social innovation which is based on concepts developed by the human and social sciences such as sociology, management and the theory of organizations.

This project was born in 2009, the result of an observation of inadequate solutions and practices in the field of job sustainability. Indeed, the constant reflections carried out by the CEO of Portage SI, Mr. Christian PERSON, resulted in  the creation of an IT platform intended for the use of consultants.

The creation of a software package for a portage company is  an innovative project and faced a societal challenge on many aspects not dealt with by the competition , and above all unknown at the launch of this research work.

The project is carried out by the Research and Development Pole of the company Portage SI (currently UMALIS Group).

1- Project objectives:

The main objectives of Portage SI were:

  • the creation of a new societal strategy, adequate for employment growth and the development of skills among consultants
  • the creation of IT tools capable of assisting consultants in their acquisition of professional independence , this tool consists in particular of  an IT platform intended for the use of consultants.
  • Create a technological bridge making it possible to apply the fundamental principles of societal innovation to the issues of professional independence
  • Guarantee better employability of portage consultants.

2- Project phases:

This project took place in three main phases:

  • The first phase  consisted in collecting scientific work, in order to establish the state of the art in the field of societal innovation;
  • The second phase  made it possible to subtract from this state of the art a set of innovative strategies, and to build detailed specifications for the application development of our approach;
  • The third phase  took up the specifications to transform them into specific IT tools to support consultants in wage portage.

3- Results

The creation of an original information system constitutes a societal innovation from the point of view of the human and social sciences.

The creation of this IT platform allowed

  • to  manage hundreds of consultants , without significant infrastructure changes,
  • for each consultant to  have an online virtual office  from where he can manage and administer his mission offers and pilot a project with other consultants themselves in wage portage
  • to create the embryo of a future IT consulting company. This is the case with Big Data Consulting.

According to the administration, only the design of new software, or one constituting a substantial improvement in relation to the available know-how of the profession, can be considered as  a research operation eligible for the research tax credit , insofar as this work provides a modification to existing software.

Our approach takes up the challenge of societal innovation. In addition, our  original tool has no commercial equivalent , and no similar solution exists among our competitors.