wage portage in france and internationally

To be an independent expert is above all to take charge of your professional life!

Leader in wage portage in France, Umalis provides its consultants and client companies with secure solutions in the form of an  employment agreement  . With  Umalis wage portage offers , you are guaranteed to carry out your professional activities with complete peace of mind .

Umalis puts its experience and know-how to the benefit of its salaried consultants, to increase the opportunities for success as an expert consultant or otherwise “ salaried independent worker ”.

bénéficiez d’une couverture internationale tout en restant salarié français avec Umalis Group
Wage portage in France and abroad!

To better assist you in your entrepreneurship projects, Umalis has established itself in the major regions of France. Umalis also supports its clients abroad. Carrying out a liberal consultant’s activity abroad does not deprive you of the  status of a French employee . Go on a mission all over the world with Umalis and benefit from international coverage while remaining a French employee!

Do not hesitate to ask our delegates who will provide you  with personalized support  adapted to your needs.